A Tour of Biblical Lands

The chance to see the sites of the 7 Church Ages was an adventure I will never forget, but it was more than just a trip.  I was working with professional Tour Guide Erden Duygu to set up a tour that will be continuously available, but with a couple of twists.  

In the Sample Itinerary below, you see that this tour goes in the ORDER the Seven Churches are listed in the Bible.  As far as we know, at tour has never been offered that way before, but it makes perfect sense, because the Bible order follows an ancient Roman Postal route.  In other words, this is the order in which the letters would have been delivered to the Churches.  We have made other adjustments to make the tour as Biblically relevant as possible.

 At this time, we are offering tours in the Spring and Fall, and more as needed.  Prices vary, so be sure to contact us for the latest prices.  In addition, we are offering a series of online classes to prepare you for what you are about to see.  Over 3 Dozen sessions, we combed through the entire Church Ages book, probing the historical and archeological background of each City, and the age it represents.  Those are available here, with notes and outlines you can download.  So, this is more than just a “tour” this is a chance to dig deeply into the Word, and revel in its profound revelations.

Also be sure to review our virtual tour, which features a live video taken from each site.

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