The God Who Answers Back

Do miracles happen today?   At some point in their life, everyone needs a miracle.   Deep down, most people would like to believe in miracles, even if they have never seen one.

Real people, real stories, real miracles.   Do miracles happen today?   You decide.

The God Who Answers Back interviews real people who have had first hand experiences with the miraculous.



Host Mark Aho explains how and why miracles can happen today.

Kourtney Ridpath

Eighteen year old Kourtney Ridpath’s arm suffered a painful hyper-extention injury. It was instantly healed and pain free in a moment. Kourtney tells how it happened.

Clarence Mostert

Eighty year old Clarence Mostert, himself a naturopath practitioner, was miraculously healed of a fatal blood infection, while in the hospital.


Bolivar lost his wife and family in the Ecuador earthquake of 2016. But not before he was warned in advance by his pastor who saw the disaster coming.

25 Miracles in 30 Minutes

An amazing healing meeting that took place in 1954. The blind see, the deaf hear, and private thoughts are revealed.