Solomon’s Bride Workshop

Author Mark Aho was hosted by pastor Chad Lamb and Believers Christian Fellowship in Lima, Ohio to announce his newest book “Solomon’s Bride, Behind the Veil”. The book was co-authored by the late Rev. Lonnie Jenkins of Believers Christian Fellowship.

Reverend “Brother Lonnie” Jenkins had been a strong supporter of the Solomon’s Bride series. He was particularly inspired to help create a commentary on rich biblical symbols used in the books and dedicated much time and passion to the project until his passing away in 2015.

About a hundred men, women and children, many of whom had read the “Solomon’s Bride” series gathered for a unique afternoon presentation that included a music performance by Mark Aho, an in-depth discussion of the book series, testimonies and a Q&A session. Many left inspired to read the books again, and some who had not read them left with a keen interest to explore these remarkable books.

If you missed it, the presentation can be viewed here.

Christmas Worship Music by Ben Aho

Like many people, I have always loved Christmas. I always wished I could contribute to the spirit of the season with an offering of music.  Last Spring, my 17 year old son Ben surprised me by mentioning that he would like to record an album of Christmas songs.  This CD is the fruit of that seed.  But how should we approach Christmas for this album?  Christmas has been addressed musically in hundreds of ways.

I wanted to make a worshipful album of music, the kind that creates an atmosphere that lingers in your home, even after it is over.  Ben’s voice was perfect for that, and with help from some of his friends in the Ferndale High School Choir, I think we have achieved it.  We hope you enjoy and are blessed by this album of Christmas worship.

Some Songs just seem destined to soar.

Winds of Faith was one of the most effortless songs I ever wrote.  Really, it was done in a matter of minutes.  I keep hearing of foreign translations of the song others have done, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, even sign language–who knows what else?  If I could have that inspiration in a bottle I would write a song like that every day. But its rarity is what makes it special.  Here’s a few links to the song in different places.

Winds of Faith,  Believer’s Christian Fellowship

Winds of Faith, Cloverdale Bibleway

Winds of Faith, Polish