Live Events

If you would like to schedule Mark Aho for a live event, contact us through this site

Live events offered are:

Living Room Concerts

For adults or young people, these informal events feature unique music in a cozy environment. Easy to put on and host, you don’t have to schedule a building or draw a huge crowd.  See some excerpts here.

 Story Telling Services

The power of story has a long and rich history, but in our age, it has been taken over by the media and movie industry.  Still, story told in person was the favorite teaching method of Jesus Christ. If you have never experienced the power of a live story-telling service, you are in for a treat.  Some stories are excerpts of the Solomon’s Bride novel series, as available on this site, but we have other original short stories available, such as Misha and the Mirror, the Miracle of James, and The Power of a Secret.  Some of these stories have been told at live events in Uganda and Ecuador, but like a Living Room concert, it need not be a large event.  A story-telling service can happen in a living room, or around a campfire with just a few people.  Story is a great way to bring a spiritual lesson to young people or adults.

Youth Events/Camps

Though we are not a traditional preaching ministry, we have been able to offer contributions at special youth events.  We have drawn on both the Music and the Story Telling channels for these events, but sometimes addressing a vital topic is just what is needed.

Topical Bible Studies

Though this is last in the list, it is actually where it all started.  I began offering Bible Studies when I was 18 years old.  Thankfully, they have gotten a lot better since then!  Our trip to Turkey afforded the opportunity to do an in-depth study of the Seven Churches of Revelation chapters 2-3, with the Church Ages Book as a Guide.  That entire study is available.

In addition, we offer basic Bible background studies such as “The Eagle View Series.”  These studies give basic historical background on the Bible, touching briefly on each of the books to help you put it all in perspective.  Much can be gained from reading the Bible without this background, but many things can remain puzzling.  This series gets the natural information out of the way, so you can concentrate on the Spiritual Revelations.  If you sometimes feel lost when reading the Bible, this series might be just what you need.

Common Beginning Studies are: “An Eagle view of the Old Testament,” and “An Eagle View of the New Testament.”

Past Live Events

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