Mark Aho

Solomon’s Bride Series

Solomon’s Bride (Book 1): Down From His Glory

Deep within the ancient Song of Solomon lie traces of an astonishing story, a love affair between a dazzlingly wise but unsatisfied king, and a struggling, hardly noticed peasant girl who has laid down her life to protect a dangerous secret.

Now, as never before, this dramatic and unlikely friendship is brought to life in a lush dramatization. Is this humble maiden really destined to become the high queen of the most glorious kingdom the world has ever know?

Like an ancient parable, Solomon’s Bride is deeper than it appears. It swoops and soars through the grandest of spiritual themes, scattering lessons like seeds between its lines, which spring forth in surprising bursts of revelation.

As the sparkling drama unfolds, a larger story is coaxed from the shadows: a picture of Christ and the Church. In the end, the great Bridegroom Himself steps forth with His Bride, out of the mist of history and allegory, stunningly revealed through the magic of old-style story telling.

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Solomon’s Bride (Book 2): The Shepherd King

Just beyond the reach of our earthly senses stands an invisible presence, hidden, often unnoticed, yet closer than our own breath. But when His gentle messages begin to penetrate our mortal veil, the soul is startled.

In this thoughtful second book of the Solomon’s Bride series, we see the Lover and the Beloved, the pursuer and the pursued, locked in a dance of Spiritual intrigue. Fascinated, drawn, yet uncertain, the Shulamite does not know that the answer to all her prayers is already standing before her.

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Solomon’s Bride (Book 3): The Stone And The Seal

In this exciting third book of the Solomon’s Bride series, the Shulamite learns that everything she was running from, and everything she was destined for, were one and the same.

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Solomon’s Bride (Book 4): Virgo Rising

The Bride is tested, tried, and finally overcomes in this riveting fourth book of the Solomon’s Bride series.

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Solomon’s Bride (Book 5): The Bridegroom Cometh!

The, “Solomon’s Bride” series of books is a typological portrait of Solomon and the Shulamite woman. In this exciting fifth and final book of the Solomon’s Bride series,the King takes his chosen bride, then, by a Divine gift, he restores all that has gone awry, inagurating a glorious new age for the town of Shunem, and for the whole kingdom.  Surprises abound.  The more impossible the problem, the more satisfying the solution.

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Solomon’s Bride: Behind the Veil

Why does the little town of Shunem seem like such a real place in Solomon’s Bride? Because the events there are modeled on real events!–God’s unfolding plan of Redemption.

With help from beloved Bible Teacher Lonnie Jenkins, author Mark Aho takes us behind the scenes and into the scriptures on which the story is based. The many symbols in the story are explained, from the great King, to the humble peasant girl, and everything in between. The lessons are many and rich.

Packed with scriptural references, historical background, and quotes from the Message of the Hour, many precious truths are explored and explained in this thought provoking book.

Welcome to Solomon’s Bride…Behind the Veil!

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